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A custom macro count for YOUR goals with a personalized & detailed plan to help you get where you want to be, a consultation so you can answer questions & I can explain how to get the most out of your comprehensive macro guide to help you succeed.


A macro count is a custom plan created by me to help you reach your goals. This includes a caloric goal to aim for and 3 specific macro goals (protein, fat, and carb goals). A Macro count is custom to you, your goals, and takes into consideration your diet & health background to ensure accuracy of the daily calorie & macro targets. 

Your macro count will include two sets of numbers: 

  1. Cut/deficit numbers OR gain/bulk numbers 

  2. Maintenance numbers 

As you will further learn in the comprehensive macro guide, we want to let a deficit or a bulk be a PHASE of our journey… but not BE the journey. Our body wasn’t meant to live in a deficit (or bulk) forever. A deficit means we are intentionally feeding our body LESS than it needs, to reach our physical goals. It can survive for a short period of time, but it was never meant to survive in a deficit forever. 

When we allow ourselves to eat for our goal (either cut or bulk) for a period of time, and toggle back to maintenance for a longer period of time… we end up seeing more physical results, we are able to sustain those results, and are able to further turn this way of eating into a lifestyle because of it’s sustainability and a positive response from our body. 

You will use a tracking app (like My Fitness Pal) to track your calories and macros, now that you have custom daily targets for YOUR goals. 

You will also receive a detailed & comprehensive plan including: 

  • Exercise guidance 

  • Habits to incorporate to get the most out of your nutritional focus 

  • Mindset tips to keep you moving forward 

This 1x Custom Macro Count is accompanied by the comprehensive Macro Guide that will give you the tools you’ll need to learn how to track your calories and macros consistently, which is ultimately what helps us reach our goals. 

This macro guide includes education on: 

  • How to handle traveling & going out to eat 

  • Healthy habits that help you get the most out of your tracking 

  • How to create a recipe in My Fitness Pal 

  • How to measure your progress & a tracker to measure your progress

  • Understanding how our metabolism works 

  • Adopting a balance mentality 

  • How to plan for success 

  • …and MORE to help YOU succeed! 

​Once you purchase, you will be taken to my appointments page where you will schedule your consultation so I can get to know your goals, background and help answer any questions you have. I will also be able to explain how to make the most out of the macro guide, so you are set up for success.  This will help me have as much information as possible to give you the most ACCURATE calculation & plan. 

I will send your 1x Custom Macro Count, Personalized plan & Macro Guide to the email address used at the time of purchase within 24 hours of our consultation.



  • Want to work together but aren’t in a position to hire me as your personal coach? 

  • Struggle knowing how much you should be eating to reach your goals? 

  • Struggle understanding what “eating balanced” means, and how that can help you stay in control of your intake?

  • Want to feel good, from learning how to eat enough while still reaching your fitness goals? 

  • Want to learn how to make progress while still going out to eat, going on vacation, and learning how to navigate through the weekends?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions - I made this product for YOU! 

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